The 5 Ways to Connect With the Men You Want to Date

Suppose, you’re in love but, alas, have little idea about how to make an object of adoration share your feelings. It makes you frustrated, for sure. It actually doesn’t matter whether you are a young college girl or the one using singles dating sites for over 50, fears and concerns often coincide in things like that. And sometimes even a slight glance in a person’s direction makes you shiver, not to speak of talking… So, what should one do to catch the other person’s heart and finally win their devotion? There’s actually a couple of ways to do that.

  • Don’t forget to smile

You know it’s not just about attraction, the smile is meant to break the invisible wall between you and other people. So, whenever you give someone a smile, you are sending a sign that you don’t mind their company. Regardless of what one might think or say, men often feel unconfident about starting a conversation with a pretty lady. Primarily for that reason you should assist him a bit by simply showing him a shining smile.

  • Make a 3-5 second eye contact

After you’ve given him one of your most charming smiles, there’s another thing you should do – establish a short but meaningful eye contact. Not just a momentary glance but an interested look that lasts some 3-5 seconds. Why exactly 3-5 seconds? Let’s see, a one-second glance would most likely provoke thoughts like “She couldn’t be looking at me!” A three-second glance would make him think “Has she looked at me or at a guy behind me?” And only 3-5 second glance will lead him to the thought “My God! She has just looked at me!”

  • Play with your hair

Another no-fail sign of attraction is to play with your hair (just like all flirty women do). The fact is this little trick always draws one’s attention. Thus, after he’s seen your beautiful eyes and irresistible smile, you may continue speaking to your friend or chatting over telephone and then slide your other hand through the hair. This move will simply awake tsunami in his soul! And it will give him another proof you are totally interested in him.

  • Arch your back

Although it may sound a bit ‘too much’, this move is considered to be a simple sign for action. So, whenever you are stretching for that sugar or a corn flakes box in a shop, or picking your bag from a bar chair, arch your back a bit… His primal instincts will just cry out ‘Get her!’ No doubt, he’ll start being more active and will behave more confidently.

  • Let him enter your personal space

And one final tip, once you’ve noticed he’s hooked, say goodnight to your friends and let him see you are leaving the facility/bar/hall on your own. This way you’ll demonstrate that your personal space is free and is ready to be filled with his presence. In other words, let him follow you.

Be charming and confident and you’ll see that it’s not that hard to attract the attention of a person you want to date. Use these simple tips and enjoy the results.