Tests That Can Determine Whether You Are Hired

Being a good employee requires more than just having the skills to complete daily tasks. Executives want people who are loyal and committed to their company on a day to day basis. If you are looking to advance through a company and get promoted, this is the way to do it. How do these managers know which workers are the most committed to the organization? Well, one way is through employee personality assessment tests and the technology for this has advanced in a big way in recent years, making it more effective than ever.
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One popular way that employee personalities are measured is through psychometric tests, a great organizational tool. These tests can be combined with a 360 employee assessment test or a disc employee assessment to get the best results. They are tests commonly used by psychologists to analyze people of all types. The following are some of the most popular ones to use.
The Myers-Briggs Test
This is certainly the most widely used test of this type because it determines each employee’s to act a certain way, whether it be extroverted behaviors or introverted behaviors. It can also determine how much they use intuition versus thinking things out before they act. Of course, there is no one personality type that will tell you whether or not someone is going to be a great employee. It is actually best to have a healthy mix of each kind of person for a thriving workplace. Having only one kind of person creates redundancy.
Occupation Interests Inventories
This test is also referred to as the Holland Code Career Test and is specifically designed to determine how interested an individual is in their specific job tasks. What good is a person work in a position that is going to be unhappy with everything they are doing all day? Managers often use this particular test to improve retention.
4. DISC Test
The DISC assessment is used to determine an employee’s behavior and ios especially effective as a team building exercise. Each worker is classified into one of four different style, with each letter representing a category. The bigger a company is, the more effective it will be.
Using one of these four tests will help any executive cultivate and build their workplace. It is important to use the right test for each job to get the optimal results. I hope this guide helps you find the right one.