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Natural Ways to Treat Heartburn

Have you ever experienced a burning pain on your chest and throat after eating a meal? These people are suffering from something known as acid reflux or heartburn. Heartburn isn’t deadly, but it can certainly cause a lot of discomfort for the person suffering from it. Lots of people actually suffer from heartburn, in fact, about 60 percent of adults will experience heartburn at least once this year. And heartburn can often arise just when someone is doing something important.

This is why there are plenty of medications available that people can use to fight heartburn These medications might help you, but it is always healthier to fight your acid reflux naturally using natural remedies. Not only do these natural remedies help fight heartburn, but since they are natural they also offer other side benefits to people. What are these remedies? Let’s look closer at some of the natural ways you can fight your heartburn.

It is also important to know the cause of acid reflux so you can clearly understand why the natural remedies can help you. If you experience acid reflux, you might believe it is caused by having too much acids on your body, and many people believe this too, but this is actually not true. It may surprise you to find out that the cause for heartburn is actually the lack of acids on your stomach! The stomach of humans has lots of acids that break down the foods that enter. If your stomach doesn’t have a lot of acids, your food will be digested slower. Someone who has undigested food on their stomach will soon have heartburn, because the fermenting food will create gas inside the body. So now you know exactly why your chest and throat burns, and now it’s time to find out how to naturally fight it.
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The first method of fighting heartburn is for people to drink apple cider vinegar. It’s easy to connect the dots and see why drinking vinegar will help you. Someone who drinks
vinegar will add acids to their stomach to help with digestion.
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Maybe you don’t’ like vinegar, well there’s an alternative, it’s not any less sour or acidic but it’s a fruit, it is lemon. Once again, lemon juice is very acidic, therefore it helps your stomach the same way apple cider vinegar will.

Betaine HCL supplements is another good way to fight heartburn. Betaine HCL might not seem like the most natural way to fight your heartburn. But it is actually almost identical to the acids people naturally have on their stomachs. The betaine HCL people take will fit naturally into their stomach as if they came from there.