My Dream Life Near the Beach Actually Came True

Many people say that they would just kill to live in the mountains. I had been born in a mountain town, and while I liked it, I really liked the beach the best. I had dreamed of living near one. I never thought that was possible until I found out about a job opening with my company in Texas. I tried hard to get the job, and I did. And that is how I found myself needing to look for apartments for rent in corpus Christi Texas last month. My dream was coming true.

I had a home where I lived before. I thought about selling it, but the thought of renting it out and earning income on it every month was very appealing. I had only two more years left worth of mortgage payments on it, so I knew that I could pay it off with the help of a tenant, and then the money I would earn on it after that would be money that I could put into savings. So, before I left, I made plans with a real estate company to help me rent the place out. They even handle bring in local help to take care of things, such as plumbers and other types of handymen. I felt like I was in a good place when it came to taking care of my home and getting it so closed to paid off. It really seemed like being on top of things was going to pay off for me.

Once I packed up and moved out, I headed to Corpus Christi and started looking around to see what type of places were available for rent. I found a place right away, and the best part of that is that I am living right across the street from the beach! I have no idea how I got so lucky finding the place, but I love it.