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Guide to Mobile Credit Card Processing

How does phone swipe work?

Phone swipe is a free app that enables businesses to take credit cards, debit card, or gift card payments with their iPhones, iPad, or Android smartphone.

Every phone swipe comes with a unique merchant account at North American Bancard. The account is individually designed to meet your business’ specific needs. Pay swipe have competitive rates and gives you good value for the service and support you are given.

Phone swipe comes with a free credit card reader accessory that attaches easily to the mobile device. After your account is approved, you credit card reader accessory is mailed to you. If you don’t want to attach the accessory, you can receive payments by keying them in.

The credit card reader or your smartphone does not store credit card information in the phone swipe application. Every North American Bancard merchant account has fraud protection in their account, but when the phone swipe application do not store credit card information, this increases the level of fraud protection.

When you load your phone swipe application onto your smartphone, you can easily add inventory, include images, categories, enter into your default tax rates or turn on GeoTax. The right tax based on your location is automatically calculated by GeoTax. There is a tipping function for the app which you can turn on or off, or you can allow your customers to set up their own tip rate.

Phone swipe automatically creates an email receipt after the purchase. What the receipt includes are pictures of the item from your inventory, its price, inventory number and the option to view the location where the purchase took place. With this receipt, the customer’s mind is refreshed on his purchases and if he does not recognize the purchase and this helps charge backs to be cut down.

The record of all your sales can be seen in real time, and what the most popular selling items is, and you can also look for individual transactions. Linking all your mobile devices to one single merchant account is possible. With these features, you can quickly see what is happening in your business, even if only your employees are taking phone swipe payments miles from where you are.

Mobile swipe will make a difference in your bottom line if you are a merchant who offer delivery, goes out on a job or sells items at flea markets, country fairs or craft fairs. If you offer a mobile payment option for your customers, it has been shown by studies that you can increase your profit by as much as thirty percent.

So your business should start using this phone swipe application and start accepting credit card payments from your customers.