How Unfair Electoral Advantage Damages American Democracy

It seems the Health Insurance Industry is taking off the gloves and preparing to battle for Their earnings or else!

PoliticsNOW, the GOP is now completely purchased and paid for by Company America. Their campaigns may have far more secret money than common money. We will thank the Koch Brothers and Justices Scalia and Thomas for that. They brought this corruption on our country to manage our democracy and government. The discovery, in so-called pre-salt blocks, also improves prospects for exploration off Angola, on the opposite aspect of the Atlantic, as the 2 areas have similar geology.

Nicomp – I don’t imagine that website. If he was getting that type of money from that form of donors, you had higher consider that Hi!!ary C!inton can be throwing it in his face at the debates. She is resorting to every sneaky trick she will be able to to regain her lead within the polls. Some operators saw their pipelines in peril and raised them before the flood. I feel that was in the article.

The bulk of the 1,645 valid responses in the Harvard survey, which was promoted on Harvard Magazine’s web site from September 23 to October 15, got here from males: 70 %, versus 30 p.c from ladies. I’ve at all times beloved Theodore Roosevelt. He embodied my romantic notions about life: To fight valiantly, to hunt large sport, to travel the world, to turn out to be a broadcast author, to be a frontiersman, to be President of the United States, in a single lifetime. To sum up- freedom from fear of treatable illness is likely one of the biggest freedoms anyone can get pleasure from.

Hillary is still ahead. Sanders isn’t doubling, just gaining. He isn’t even the most popular candidate within the Democrat main race, which is not even his own social gathering, BTW. debt, has in essence, transfered their indebtedness to a different particular person, by capturing the debt dollars that the other particular person borrowed and spent into circulation. Without that different particular person’s indebtedness, there wouldn’t have been any dollars in circulation so that you can capture, enabling you to pay off your debt. Romney got here in during the Rush period. By then, all of the radio was righty hate-speak, and the R’s dominated the protest vote.