Hampton Creek Offers Low Cost Animal Free Foods from the Condiment to the Cookie Isles

There are a lot of products on the market today that aren’t so great for your body. However, there’s no getting around the fact that, sometimes, the food that is the worst for you is the stuff that often tastes the best. That’s why companies like Hampton Creek are doing their best to create great tasting foods that are still healthy. They are doing this for foods on virtually every isle of your grocery store, including the salad dressing isle. The Hampton Creek Just Ranch is just one of many salad dressing options available to you.

Hampton Creek is a relatively new company that sells products that have zero animal by-products. Everything that they produce has a plant base. This makes it the perfect option for vegans. Even products that would normally have eggs don’t have any at all, like their mayo substitute product, Just Mayo. However, people all over the country, vegans and meat eaters alike, have found that they enjoy the taste of the products offered by Hampton Creek as much or better than their normal food products.

This has allowed Hampton Creek to expand their product line in a way that makes it easy to find their food. For example, you can go to any local Walmart and find Just Ranch. You can also find Just Mayo on the same isle. Target carries some of their sweet products and Lowe’s and other grocery stores are entering into agreements to carry Hampton Creek products as well. This product line as moved beyond being for a niche market, Hampton Creek has created a product line for everyone.

What’s interesting about their products is the cost. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, you know that many places raise the prices of their animal free products much higher than their meat filled counterparts. They do this because they know that these people don’t have a choice if they want to eat meat free. Also, when you cater to a niche market, you tend to be a smaller company, and it takes higher prices to turn a profit, or at least that’s the claim. Hampton Creek is proving them wrong by providing low cost healthy alternatives to everyone.

Whether you’re looking for salad dressing or cookie dough, Hampton Creek has it. Beyond that, they are releasing over 40 new foods this year, so keep an eye out for something new!